Based in San Francisco, CA and Sarasota, Florida, R. Levin Marketing Group designs strategic marketing and online PR programs for corporations and entrepreneurs.

Robyn Levin founded the firm in 2003 and specializes in celebritizing CEOs and business owners. “By promoting a client as an industry leader, I can achieve name recognition and expert status for both the individual and their company,” says Robyn.

Creating local and national buzz
Levin’s efforts have landed clients on the local stage as well as creating national exposure, including in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Money, Time, CBS MarketWatch, Fortune Small Business and more.



PENSCO in TIme Magazine   Forbes Investment Cover

R.Levin Marketing -News     PENSCO Trust in Time

Does Your Business Have a Focused Growth Strategy?

Online PR

Online PR

We Can Help You Grow Your Business If:

  1. You want strategic research marketing consulting to capture more business and elevate your brand
  2. You are a CEO, executive, or business owner that wants innovative ideas to grow your business
  3. You want an easier, organized & proven system to increase sales, generate high-quality leads and shorten the sales cycle
  4. You want to use the latest technology like Blogs, Online PR, Webinars, Online Video and social media to generate more leads and close more business

We integrate traditional marketing with new digital media to enhance your image and drive more traffic to your web site. Turn to us to help you leverage digital media to build your business.

Why Us? So you can join our list of satisfied happy clients who often say; wow, I never looked at my business that way or, wow, it’s such a relief to have a marketing plan that works, your creative online programs allow us to reach more customers in an easier way, or wow, what a great idea (we hear that a lot). Our programs are proven to work, just read our success stories.


About Robyn Levin, founder and CEO

Robyn Levin has spent the past 20 years in Marketing, Business Development, and PR. Levin is founder and president of R. Levin Marketing Group, a consulting firm that advises growing financial and professional services companies on how to accelerate growth using digital media, innovative ideas & her proprietary “Cocktail Napkin PlanTM.”

Robyn launched over 20 programs & products for PENSCO Trust Company serving as Marketing Consultant since 2004. She has helped them grow from 750 million to over $3 billion in client
assets in just over 3 years and continues to get them major media exposure. Levin and clients have been featured in national publications, TV, on radio. Robyn has been featured in COSTCO small business magazine, “Walking With the Wise” and best-selling book, “Networking Magic”.

“For more than 23 years, I’ve been passionate about building profitable businesses and working closely with clients and their staff to ensure success. I graduated from Temple University, with a degree in Marketing and International Business and worked in marketing research for a company in Holland. I love solving challenges and discovering innovative ways to open more doors to opportunities. Relationship building is 2nd nature” says Levin.

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